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ICS Instant Lemon Tea Premix

Beverage Ingredients

Lemon flavored tea - 500g

Brand: ICS

ICS Instant Lemon Tea Premix are of high demand by our customers. It is most widely used in offices, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. It comes in the form of an instant pack where you just need to mix it up with hot water to get a cup of the refreshing and delicious taste of lemon tea.

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Make Lemon Tea in Seconds

ICS Instant lemon tea premix is good for health and keeps you energetic throughout the day. It gives the instant punch to activate a sluggish mind and body. Its strong aroma and delicious taste makes people active and bright. It makes you stress less and refreshes your mood‍

Delight your employees and guests by serving them ICS Instant lemon tea. Each 1kg Lemon Tea will you 100 cups of 80 ml or 80 cups of 100 ml. Consistency is taste from first cup to last cup. Get peace of mind, you are not buying milk, sugar, lemon, tea powder separately & more over you don’t have a hassles of maintaining kitchen, gas, or a pantry boy, who will take his sweet time to make a single cup of lemon tea. With lemon tea premix, its super easy to make a cup of lemon flavoured tea and its super economical too..